Tools, Resources and Recommendations


A collection of my favourite resources — from the copywriters I recommend, to the software tools and image libraries I use in my business.

DISCLOSURE: This page contains affiliate links. If you follow one of these links and make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no expense to you. The commission I make from affiliate sales help me run this website and provide quality value to you. So, thank you for your support!


Laura Robinson of Worditude

Laura “helps expertise-based business owners write their online content so they can use their website to attract new customers like ants to ice cream”.

Ultimate Website Content Planner

Laura has a great budget friendly option – the Ultimate Website Content Planner. It’s printable workbook to help you write the key pages on your website. Suitable for expertise-based businesses selling services, programmes, courses, memberships and masterminds. It is what I used for my website and I can highly recommend it.

Laura also offers several copy writing courses and virtual copywriting days for a done-together experience.

Sarah of Sarah Wayte Creative

Sarah will pluck awesome words out of your brain and rearrange them on the page in a way that makes you think “Did I really say such awesomeness?”